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Related post: Chemotherapy is the use of anti-cancer (cytotoxic) drugs to destroy cancer cells. Some of the side effects of chemotherapy, such as sickness, weakness, depression, Torsemide 100 Mg tiredness, and lack of energy can reduce the desire for sex. However, these side effects of treatment may be Torsemide 50 Mg reduced Generic Torsemide or stopped with medication. With time, your sex drive will usually return once chemotherapy is over. Hahau He whakapoauau patu matepukupuku te hahau, hei whakamate i nga putau matepukupuku. Na runga i etahi Torsemide Furosemide Conversion o nga panga o te hahau pera i te mauiuitanga, te ngoikoretanga, te pouri, te hiamoe me te kore kaha, ka heke te hiahia o te ai. Heoi ano ra, tera pea ma nga rongoa ka iti haere, ka mutu ranei nga panga o nga maimoatanga. A te wa, ka hoki mai te hiahia mo nga mahi ai ka oti ana nga maimoatanga. Unfortunately, if the Purchase Torsemide Online chemotherapy has caused hair loss, or weight loss, or if devices such as central lines are involved in the chemotherapy itself, patients may feel very �unsexy� at the time. Some of the tablets given to prevent sickness can cause a lack of desire. Once these tablets stop, your desire should return. Page Torsemide Injection 23 Chemotherapy�s effects on women In women, chemotherapy can reduce the amount of hormones produced by the ovaries. You may notice changes in your monthly periods, which can sometimes stop altogether. Despite this change, Torsemide Mg it is important to talk to your Buy Torsemide doctor about contraception because it is still possible to become pregnant even with irregular menstrual cycles. Chemotherapy can cause the symptoms of Order Torsemide an early menopause, including hot flushes, irritability, sleep disturbances, and vaginal dryness. Vaginal thrush is common in women having chemotherapy, especially if they are taking steroids or powerful antibiotics to prevent infection. Your doctor can prescribe treatment for this. Chemotherapy�s effects on men Some men find that at the time of the treatment their sex drive falls due to tiredness and possibly feelings of sickness, but it usually returns soon after the end of the treatment. Some types of treatment reduce testosterone production, but this too usually returns to normal in time. In both men and women, chemotherapy drugs can affect fertility. Page 24 Incontinence Incontinence means poor bladder or bowel control, but may also involve increased frequency or urgency without actually leaking. Just as the physical ability of the pelvic floor muscles affects bladder and bowel control, incontinence may also affect sexual function and interest. Incontinence can be temporary or permanent. It is one potential side effect of treatment for cancer of the prostate, bladder, bowel, penis, or of the female reproductive organs. Men experiencing urinary incontinence may find they dribble after urinating. Women may dribble after an orgasm. Men and women may leak when coughing, sneezing, or laughing. This is known as stress incontinence. For many people, incontinence and the impact this has on sexuality is an embarrassing problem, which may be difficult to seek help for. For advice on managing bowel or bladder problems, telephone the New Torsemide Vs Furosemide Zealand Continence Association Helpline on 0800 650 659, 8 am to 8 pm Monday to Friday or visit www.continence.org.nz. It is important that you find someone you feel comfortable talking to. You may wish to call the Cancer Society to talk confidentially to one of our Information Nurses on the Cancer Information Helpline 0800 CANCER (226 237). Consider having a continence assessment with a specialised physiotherapist, continence nurse, or through the District Nursing Service, so that your incontinence can be better managed or perhaps cured. Page 25 Exercising the pelvic floor muscles can help with incontinence problems and with erection or ejaculation problems. Pelvic floor exercises To correctly identify the pelvic floor muscles: 1. Sit on a chair, leaning forward with your knees slightly apart. 2. Now imagine that you are trying to stop yourself from passing wind. You should be aware of the skin around your back passage tightening, and being pulled up and away from the chair. Your buttocks and legs should not move at all. 3. Now imagine that you are sitting on a toilet passing urine. Try to stop your stream of urine. This will help you to identify Torsemide 40 Mg the right muscle. Again, you should feel a lifting and tightening. Practising your exercises 1. Sit, stand, or lie with your knees slightly apart. Slowly tighten and draw up around the back Purchase Torsemide passage and urethra (and vagina for women) all Torsemide 20 Mg Torsemide Tablets at once, lifting them up inside. Try to hold strongly for a count of three, then release and relax. You should feel in Torsemide Furosemide control of the whole contraction with a definite �letting go� sensation at the end. Page 26 2. Rest for ten seconds. 3. Repeat and squeeze and lift and relax. If you find holding for three seconds easy, aim to progressively Order Torsemide Online hold for longer � up to ten seconds. 4. Repeat this combination of contractions and rest periods as many times as possible � up to eight to ten squeezes. 5. Now do five to ten short, fast/quick but strong contractions. 6. Aim to do this whole exercise routine at least four to five times each day. 7. Try to also use these muscles functionally, tighten them just before you lift something, laugh, lean forward, cough, Torsemide 10 Mg etc. (Adapted from the Continence Foundation of Australia�s Buy Torsemide Online publications: The Continence Guide: Bladder and bowel control explained and Sexuality and Incontinence.) Tips Oestrogen, inserted into the vagina as a cream or tablet, Buy Cheap Torsemide may improve symptoms of urgency. Plan for intercourse � wait at least two to three hours after a Torsemide 20mg meal and empty the bowel or bladder beforehand. Place an absorbent pad/draw sheet on the bed if you are concerned about wetting.
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